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Dear Sir.

My father Johannes van Klink living in Nieuwveen married with two boys of which I am the eldest fought at this location for 4 to 5 days. He never discussed much about his days there. My mother, still living, told me that he mentioned bullets hitting the sand as he was running. She also mentioned that my Dad took my Mom to the Grebbeberg shortly after the battle was over. She mentioned that there were lots of places where a rifle, topped by a helmet, were placed in the sand and many also had a picture of loved ones placed at the gravesite.

I would like to know if anyone has any knowledge of my father's activities there, where exactly he fought, what army group he was in, etc. I dont even know what his army number was.

I do know that he had a close buddy named van Arnhem who resided in Weesp and was a painter by trade.

He also befriended a family by the name of de Kleuver in Veenendaal.
The gentleman worked for a local cigar company.

I realize I am asking for a lot but I never spoke to my dad about the war becase it was such a sensitive thing to him. He passed away in July 1989.

I would appreciate anything from anyone who would shed a little light on the matter. It has become very important to me now that one gets a bit older.

Ted Van Klink,
Georgetown, Ont.,
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Look in your e-mail-box.
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