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I am doing a family tree and putting history and stories together for
future generations.
My father's name is Vincent à Nijeholt, b. 28 August 1914, Joure d. 9
September 1981, Perth Western Australia. I believe my father was only
one of 5 who survived this particular attack. We know some of the
events of that awful May but mum died 7 years ago and the history of
dad's role and the name of the actual battalion died with her. As I
understand it his 3 brothers were also in this battle and were taken
by the Germans to work in Germany, sadly they have all now died. His
family are from Joure. My brother and dad went to the cemetary back
in 1975 and we have those photos. I also have just found a photo of
dad with what looks like his regiment in 1936, with names on the back
and I will try to scan this. I do know the battle was The Grebberberg.
Maybe there are other relatives like myself that have an interest or
whose father or grandfather may have known my father. We left Holland
for Australia in 1951 and I have only returned on 2 occasions, last
May being the last time. I hope to return next year. My dutch is
fluent but writing it is very difficult. I have learned a lot from
the website and it would be nice to have my father remembered. With
great respect to you all.
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